What You Should Know About New Domain (gTLDs)

The creation of numerous new generic domain name extensions is arguably the biggest innovation the Internet has experienced in the recent past. Already available for registration, these new domain names will forthrightly advertise your business to potential customers. For instance, the .club extension can be used to create various club domain names, for instance, fitness.club, motor.club, sports.club, among others. There are currently over a thousand new domain names to choose from. Therefore, finding an extension that is well-suited to the services or products offered through your site is very easy.  

More Domain Name Options for Your Business

Frankly, the previously, highly limited options in domain name extensions had resulted in saturation within the domain name market. New businesses were forced to settle for undesirable and often misleading domain names, regardless of the fact that their choice domain names were taken by businesses operating in different lines of business. With over a thousand more options, this is less likely to happen as you acquire a new domain name. 

Set Yourself Apart through Better Domain Name Branding

As a newly introduced innovation in domain name branding, you can swiftly set yourself apart from your competitors by using a new gTLD domain that better reflects your business' identity. You can also use it in addition to your existing domains and attract additional visitors to your sites. Visitors will not confuse between your services and those offered by similarly named and yet completely unrelated online businesses, which will in turn boost confidence and brand allegiance among your customers. 

Shorter and More Memorable Domain Names for Your Business

The use of the new gTLDs can do a lot for your business. For one, the new extensions mean that you can keep your domain name short and hence more memorable. For instance, rather than using Fitnessclub.com, you can use the catchier and more appropriate Fitness.club

Match Your Online Business to Industry or Location

The new domain names also mean that your business will be better matched to its industry or location. For instance, as a computer retail outlet, you can use Computer.shop, while as a professional computer services expert you could use Computer.expert. Additionally, when differentiating between the location of your services you can use the Fashion.global domain or a localized Fashion.london domain instead of the lengthier and less specific Fashion.com/global and Fashion.com/uk respectively. 

More Extensions Constantly Coming Up

Since this is a relatively new revolution, new extensions are continually coming up. The new gTLDs have to undergo ICANN's initial evaluation before becoming available for registration. However, any domain name site will tell you which extensions are available for use and which ones are not. More importantly, you can also preorder the desired domain names, which increases the odds of getting the precise domain name you want for your online business.

The introduction of new domain name extensions has ushered in the next age in domain name branding. No longer does your online business have to stick with universal extensions such as .com or .org. It is now possible to select an extension that more accurately describes your online business by choosing domain extensions such as .guru, .club, .photography, .consulting, .properties .company .expert and so forth.