Renew your Domain Name

Why is it important to renew on time?

  • Losing your domain: If you fail to renew your domain name before the expiry date, the domain will expire, and becomes available for other people to register. Getting your domain name back could be difficult and costly.
  • Website and email downtime: After the expiry of the domain name, your website will no longer be accessible via the domain name. Additionally, any email accounts operating on the domain name will cease to function.
Enter a domain name

Keep your domain registration safe

  • Renew early: Renew your domain name registration as soon as possible. You can renew your registration early and keep the same renewal date.
  • Auto-renewal: Choose to have your domain name renew automatically to avoid any surprises.
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    What happens if I renew my domain name late?

    When a domain name is not renewed before it expires, it will enter...

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