SiteCreator Showcase Sites

These short instructional videos will explore techniques used by other SiteCreator users that you can use to make your site, store, or blog the best it can be. Enjoy!

The Whiskey Ball   Visit site

Using Page Layouts to Create a Stunning Homepage

The Whiskey Ball uses a beautiful image and clear call to action to drive user engagement and sign ups from the homepage. In order to create this experience The Whiskey Ball started with the Landing Page Layout located in Page Layouts.
With just a few tweaks and the right layout and theme The Whiskey Ball was able to create a sophisticated and powerful homepage.

    Our Table    Visit site

    Adding Footer Navigation in 3 Simple Steps

    This customized footer allows Our Table to explore multiple navigation levels without a pulldown, which helps unclutter key interaction points. The main navigation is allowed to focus on Our Table products, jobs and core values, while the bottom can display secondary (but still important) content like blog, events and contact pages. Together, the top and bottom navigation work together to allow visitors to quickly and easily access a site with intricate page architecture.

    Shantique Designs    Visit site

    Increase Your Sales with Product Recommendations

    By leveraging the long description product section and dropping in just a few extra standard elements, Shantique Designs serves up a greater selection of products for their visitors, making their store more interactive, more personal and a much better eCommerce experience for visitors.