Mailbox Protection FAQ's - General

  • General

How can I add advanced Mailbox Protection to my email accounts?

Adding your Mailbox Protection to your email is very easy. All you need to do is login to your Webvisions account and select the option saying 'Get Enhanced Mailbox Protection'.

If you are purchasing a new Email or Web hosting plan with Webvisions you will be able to add Mailbox Protection in the ordering process.

How much does Mailbox Protection cost?

You can add Mailbox Protection to your existing Email or Web Hosting plan (Starter, Growth, and Advanced). The Mailbox Protection pricing varies based on the type of Email or Web Hosting plan you currently have. Pricing is as follows:

*On top of the cost of your Email / Web Hosting account

What if I need more email accounts, will the Mailbox Protection price increase?

The price of your Mailbox Protection package will always be aligned to the Email / Web hosting plan you have (Starter, Growth, Advanced) as per pricing table in point 2.

Does Webvisions provide any basic Spam filtering for free?

Webvisions provide a basic spam filter on all our servers which protects all email users from Spam using data from the top spam blacklists. However, the spammers are also doing everything they can to get through. This is not a problem that is unique to our servers, it is a problem that is occurring worldwide, so if you would like to give your inbox additional protection why not activated Mailbox Protection today.

What if I am still receiving spam after activating Mailbox Protection?

If you are finding that spam emails are still getting through after activating Mailbox Protection you can get in touch with our Customer Service team and request for a specific email addresses or domains to be added to a custom blacklist.

What emails will be blocked? What is the definition of Spam?

Spam is typically defined as Unsolicited Bulk Email ("UBE").

Unsolicited: You did not initiate a conversation with or agree to receive email from the sender (for example, by subscribing).

Bulk: The same or nearly the same email was sent to many recipients.

So, spam is email that was sent in bulk without your implicit or explicit consent. As a result, if someone sends you a copy of a resume, or other targeted unsolicited personal email that is not sent in bulk, antispam filters generally will not (and should not) block it globally as "spam", even if you don't care to read it.

Our Mailbox Protection system has more filters than many antispam services, including:

  • Typical spam phrases, like "Cheapest V!agra on the Net"
  • Suspicious domains, foreign languages and pornographic words
  • Blacklists/Whitelists to Block / accept all email from the specific mail servers

Does Mailbox Protection delay my emails?

All anti-spam programs and services cause a delay as they filter your email, some more than others. Delay times with Webvisions Mailbox Protection are barely noticeable (often only a few seconds) because it filters messages in real time as they arrive. Other anti-spam products can cause more of a delay because they process messages in intervals.

Does Mailbox Protection store my emails?

All the suspicious e-mails are stored in a Spam Quarantine in case any messages need to be retrieved. Remember Mailbox Protection is not an email archiving system, so it does not create a copy or backup of all your e-mail messages.

Do I need to install anything on my PC or server?

Mailbox Protection is a cloud based spam filtering service and so you do not have to install any software on your machine.