Security (SSL) FAQ's - General

What is a SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts the information sent to and from the server. This prevents a person from sitting in between and attempting to steal the data. SSL Certificates are commonly used to encrypt credit card data that is sent through to a website for payment processing.

Why do I need SSL Security?

With SSL, transmitted information is encrypted. In the event that eavesdropping occurs, the information remains to be incomprehensible. The SSL certificate also offers website visitors a peace of mind by authenticating that the owner of the website is true. Some state laws require secure transaction processing and the protection of customer information. This is known as PCI Compliance or standards set by the Payment Card Industry.

Why should I purchase my certificate from Webvisions?

If you purchase your certificate directly from Webvisions and it is meant for an existing Webvisions hosting service, Webvisions will automatically install the certificate for FREE.

How can I obtain my own SSL Certificate?

Just click on the order button under our SSL menu tab. During the ordering process, click on the link that says “If you are a Webvisions Customer Click Here” and provide your contact details and the relevant documentation. We will generate the service request for for you once we have validated the given information. To find out which SSL certificate you may require, please visit our SSL Page.

What is a CSR?

CSR stands for 'Certificate Signing Request'. The CSR contains information about the person or organization who is requesting the SSL certificate along with a public key relating to that person or organization. The same information will eventually be contained in the SSL certificate.

The CSR is to be sent by the requesting person to the SSL provider in order to generate the SSL certificate. This can be generated inside your control panel.

My SSL Certificate is going to expire soon. How do I renew it?

You can renew your SSL certificate from your Account Management panel if your existing SSL Certificate was purchased from Webvisions. The ‘Renewal’ tab will display the list of services that you have purchased. Select your SSL Certificate and you may proceed with the renewal and payment.

If your SSL Certificate is purchased from another vendor, purchase your SSL certificate from Webvisions online at the SSL Page.

Note: The renewal of your SSL Certificate will entail the issuance of a new CSR. This means that the validation process that you went through when purchasing the SSL certificate for the first time would have to be repeated. The purpose of this is to ensure that the SSL certificate stays current.