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How to transfer a website to Webvisions

Following a brief overview of the process involved in transferring your web hosting to us, we advise you always speak to your webmaster for advice or contact our customer service team via email or phone 1-800-815-312.

How do you transfer your website to us? If you're not careful, it can become a complicated process. However, with some preparation you can almost eliminate downtime and problems. Here's how this works:

Step 1: Prepare your transfer

First, remember that some downtime may be inevitable. You should therefore plan out what you'll do if it happens. Can customers contact you some other way? Do you have a "bare-bones" version of your website you can put up if unforeseen technical difficulties while any "extra" features aren't working?

After you've signed up for our web hosting service, don't cancel the old one immediately, and don't tell them that you'll cancel. This will prevent any misunderstanding leading to your old host prematurely terminating your account, which would cause downtime and would jeopardise your ability to access your files.

If you use specialized ecommerce software or other packages, check the software company's website for any special guides to transferring them over. There may be special steps you can take to minimize problems. If you are using Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal or a eCommerce solution like osCommerce or Magento please also have a look at our one-click install applications.

Step 2: Transfer data and features

At this point you should be ready to start transferring files. Open up your FTP client e.g. FileZilla and connect to the old server. Download all the files onto a folder in your desktop -- make sure to keep the same folder structure! Then upload them to the new server.

Next, you need to back up the databases on your old host (if any) and import them to us. Normally this happens through the phpMyAdmin tool, though your old hosts may have specific instructions. If you use SSL certificates, you can generally transfer them over as well. However, this will require you to get in touch with our support team as this process would require a few extra steps.

Step 3: Transfer your email data

Once you have taken care of your website files it’s time to start looking at your emails. The first step to take is to create an email account at Webvisions and replicate the same email account configuration as in your old host (POP/IMAP email accounts and aliases). Once you have created your email accounts you can start configuring your email software (for example Outlook) to start downloading your emails (POP/IMAP). Always review any instructions specific to the email you are using (such as Thunderbird etc). Alternatively if you only use Webmail for your email access you will be able to start accessing this as soon as you have set up your Webvisions email accounts.

Always make sure you download a backup of all your email messages from your old email provider.

Step 4: Change your DNS

Once your website is up and running and you have set up your new email accounts, it's time to change over your DNS. Ideally, your DNS will be hosted with a separate company -- changing DNS servers can cause downtime, but changing their settings happens seamlessly.

The DNS settings will propagate around the world in approximately 48 hours, during which time people will randomly load your website from either the old or the new hosting provider.

After the 48 hour period is passed, you can contact your old host and cancel your account -- your Webvisions hosting account is now fully functional.

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